Friday, May 6, 2011

May 06, 2011

Welcome!  My dad, George, recently left on a civilian deployment to Afghanistan.   To keep people back home informed, and to perhaps give an answer to the question "why is Caleb so strange?" we've created this blog for him to post his adventures. 

I will make it cooler eventually, but I wanted to get his first post up!  Leave questions in the comment section if you want to know more!

Note: The "BS" refers to the BS General Store and Saloon (and fine dining if you like frozen pizza) located in Follets, IA.   

Here it is:

May 6, 2011.

Dateline: Kabul Afghanistan

From:  George Shreves, Ambassador to USCENTCOM from BS

Subject:  SITREP (for you BS’ers that means Situation Report – Duh!)

This is your humble servant, George, filing a report from camp Phoenix, outside Kabul Afghansitan.  I apologize for the lateness of this first report, I have been busy with TS activities (TS means Top Secret – Duh).  

Upon arrival on April 30, 2011, I was immediately summoned to the offices of General Wally Gator (who, incidentally, is the fastest alligator in the swamp).  He inquired as to the nature of my mission, to which I replied I was here to humbly represent the interests of the Freedom Cell located at BS General Store in Follets, IA.  He asked if Sue and Brenda worked there.  I told him once in a while.

My first orders were to capture/kill OBL by any means possible.  Knowing that the DFAC (cafeteria – Duh) closed in just a few short hours, I knew time was of the essence.  While I can’t reveal all the details of my op (operation – duh) suffice it to say that a mere two hours later I was enjoying an Italian Beef sandwich at the DFAC, while OBL was not.

My accommodations here are rather Spartan.  I was offered luxury accommodations at the State Department compound in Kabul, but in deference to the fighting men and women stationed here, I forewent that generous offer and chose instead to bunk in a hooch with the other warriors.  My 8 x 6 space is cramped, what with the surveillance gear and empty coffee cups, but being on a 24 hour schedule, I spend little time there.

Through the State Department channels, I have petitioned the President to officially recognize Follets diplomatically, which could mean huge subsidies.  If this comes through, I will need Bob Card to sign a treaty allowing gas to once again be sold.

Anybody catching any fish?  Me either.

More to come.  Stand by.


PS – some Bulgarian guy choked on a meatball the other day – he’s going to be OK.  

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  1. Nice work, dad. I bet that sandwich tasted *extra* good!

    Love you!